Fay Was Here!

Yes, we met Fay. Have you heard about her? She is the tropical storm that brought us “more rain than 2 hurricanes”. We came through it with manageable flooding of our neighborhood road, ditches, and perimeter of our yard. This was the most water on our property, at one time, since moving in over 2 years ago. The kids longed to splash in the new lake, but alas, the warnings were to avoid it because of the possibility of sewage contamination. We have septic tanks around here, but even in areas without septic tanks ’twas the advice. They did get more wet than I intended once I suggested we take pictures for Daddy, but not as wet as they would have liked. We washed off inside afterwards….

With all the rain, I discovered a leak in the roof. We ended up with some water on the garage floor and a bit of water damage to the wood floor in the living room. If it doesn’t dry unnoticed and needs to be replaced then it is good because the spot is right at the threshold leading to the garage. Also, we have spare planks in the attic (Yes, they are dry!) from the previous owners. Thankfully, our kind neighbor climbed the ladder to our roof, in the rain, and spread some tar on there and covered it with plastic!

The kids have been playing inside beautifully making “houses” and more out of blankets draped from the bunk beds. They are professional make believers and can play quite nicely together for extended amounts of time. We did extra art projects and one movie/video each day as well, to help pass the inside hours.

I have video too, but haven’t quite figured out how to post that. Yet.

(Scrolling down to blogroll and clicking “fay” will bring you to the link I couldn’t make work up in the text!)

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2 Responses to Fay Was Here!

  1. cb says:

    What a nice blog. You’ve done well, however I don’t particulary prefer the “title” picture of the blog. I think a more flattering family pic would suit the site. You are quite the self-sufficient household manager. I pray however, this won’t put the “man” of the house out of a job. After all, even the best household manager needs someone to love on them, hang various items on the walls, and possibly replace synthetically engineered wood floor planks.

  2. Grandpa and Granma B says:

    Great Blog, Nice waterfront property. Looks like ours does.
    I guess we won’t see many people naming their babies “Fay” anytime soon.
    What a woman… Way to use those resources!!!
    We are very proud of you!
    Love Dad and Mom B.

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