So you want to buy a car?

If you would have asked me a couple of months ago what I thought about car shopping/buying, I probably would have been a bit eager to scour the sales on Craigslist.  It is sort of an exciting “must” in our modern lives, right? (at least in our part of the country)  Well, I guess that depends on if you have the money to spend freely, or are trying to get the best car for the least amount of money.  We fall into category #2.  I’m sure some people out there like to spend their hard earned money, but I prefer not to use it up on things like cars.  Still, I admit to wanting a nice car.  I want it to look nice & be dependable, …and really cheap!  It doesn’t really work that easily I found out….

Do you love it when you are browsing the lot and the guy approaches you with a question like:

“How much were you looking to spend?”

I think: “Duh, as little as possible!”

I say:  “We all want the best car for the least price, right?”

he says:  “Nobody has ever said that to me before.”

I think:  “Who’s NOT thinking it?  Why do people spout off big numbers if they really don’t want to spend big numbers?”

Fast forward to this experience:  Chris & I agreed that we had too much money tied up in his car so we sold it at a loss.  Not off to the greatest start, but we figured we could find something decent enough to still make it worth the hit.  I don’t know how many hours I wasted educated myself on the cars out there and the reviews tied to each, but I’m telling you it was a lot.  I looked to and fro with every modern internet search for vehicles in my immediate area to vehicles in YOUR immediate area.  I read enough reviews to educate you too (should you need a reliable, used car!).  Well, in the end I still was feeling constantly defeated.  When we searched in the low price range all we found were scammers, junk, cars with LOTS of miles, and other stuff we didn’t want.  Then we went the opposite way and were right back in the spot we began:  having too much money tied up in a car.  It was frustrating.  Having a reliable vehicle isn’t something to take for granted.  It is expensive to have a car.  I don’t want want to be doing it again any time soon.  Yes, we found a car, but it isn’t thrilling or anything like that.  I secretly hoped to love the car and feel “rewarded” for the invested time.  In the end, it is anticlimatic, and I feel so…nothing.  Good thing our treasures are in heaven, not on earth.  I definately related this to being one more “meaningless thing under the sun.”

To answer the question in my title:  No, you don’t want to buy a car.  Keep the one you’ve got.  Treat it nice.  There is nothing like having a trusty car that you know the history of.  Unless, of course, you enjoy spending your money on a depreciating asset!

PS-I don’t know what is up with my clock on this site.  I don’t type in the middle of the night as the clock reflects, just after the kids go to bed!

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2 Responses to So you want to buy a car?

  1. Jenny McGee says:

    What kind of car did you find?
    I hate the car thing too. No matter what decision I’ve made, I have always felt somehow that I am not getting my money’s worth. 😦

  2. Jenny McGee says:

    P.S. I love the photo on your header.

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