Garage Cleaning Day

If you came to our house, you would now be able to walk through the garage to enter!  Before, there was so much junk that your steps would’ve had to been strategic to find the path, and even then it could’ve been dangerous.  Ours was getting out of hand.  Where does it all come from?  A pile here for my mom, a pile there for donations, a pile of clothes too big for this child, a pile of clothes too small for her, laundry stains, items retreived from the bottom of the wash machine, one here of things to be brought up the ladder for the attic, one here of buckets of sand (waiting to be used for a paver patio in the back), toys that didn’t get put away properly, shoes that need to be scrubbed by hand because they stink (Aiden likes to get his sneakers wet in puddles and more so they always stink), and on, and on.  Does this sound like your garage?

Thanks to a Saturday with minimal plans (which R-A-R-E-L-Y happens), Chris was out there at 7 a.m. unloading stuff into the driveway.  The kids got wholeheartedly into it which didn’t always make for the quickest way, but it was great to see them asking what to do with a cheerful heart, regularly.  They had ownership and are proud of the results.  They helped sort tools and liked hanging things on the peg board.  It rained two times while everything was in the drive way.  We crowded it back in, stepped over it, brought it back out when the rained stopped, crowded it back in when it started….  Chris did a great job of finding hidden space on the walls and building a spot for all the tools with long handles.  It’s not 100% yet, but I assure you, I could have broken an ankle wading through there before and now I have high hopes of parking one vehicle in there.  Usually that only happens when hail or a hurricane are coming and we cram all the junk aside and eeek our way in!  Two cars in this two car garage?  Not while we live here!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a “before” picture.  So I don’t think an “after” picture would be as impressive.

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