Bok Tower Gardens Lake Wales, FL

We visited here recently when Chris took the day off work.


4 of us near the entry.


Chris and the kids at the base of the tower.  The tower seems so out of place in the middle of Florida, but beautiful!

p1020134cChris packed our lunch before we were even awake. We didn’t even know he had the day off, and he had it all planned out for us!  He is reading a story out of the kids backpack we checked out in the office.  They stocked it with relevant books, finger puppets and a plastic tablecloth!

p1020119cAiden doing a tile rubbing activity.  They have these for kids all around the gardens.  They provide special paper and a map on where each one is.  I think we found 3:  an owl, a butterfly, and ?

p1020118cStanding in a cutout the size of the largest bell in the carrilon!

p1020141cStanding in front of GIANT lily pads.  I thought they must surely be made of metal, but they are real!  Here is the picture on the site with a child SITTING on one.  This is why I thought they were made of metal!

Read here if you are skeptical about them being real!

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