Time for an Update

I think it is time to write something here.  I just am not sure what!  We are busy with life, as are you.  I struggle with knowing which things should or shouldn’t be recorded here.  AND when I should just skip updating because we are busy.  The blog can’t be a priority for me.  If you remember, I resisted ever beginning one because I didn’t want it to be another thing on my TO DO list.  I know you are busy too and some of you update regularly, and some of you do not!  Well,

*We’ve listed the house for sale, unofficially.  I say unofficially because it isn’t with a realtor.  One ad is on Craigslist.  One is on a military website.  I guess it is more like testing the waters!

*Chris has changed jobs and now works at Patrick AFB, not Cape Canaveral.  He commutes a bit farther, but has better hours.  He also has fewer friends at this office, but gets more work done.  Don’t ask him for feedback.  Either way he’s still no fan of being in the military.  For example, he told us tonight that tomorrow is Wingman Day.  He says they have to play kickball and bowl on teams someone else picks.  Then he’ll be behind on the work he should have been doing instead of “team building”.

*We are weeding, weeding, weeding the STUFF out of this house.  It isn’t always a fast process, but we get so bogged down with extra of everything.  It brings me great joy to load up boxes for donation.  I tell the kids bluntly when we are sifting through their rooms that it only slows us down from schooling, cleaning, playing & being relaxed in our home.  They aren’t attached to it and even after getting the excess out, there is room for another round in the near future.  They are givers and don’t miss it one bit.  One method we’ve recently adopted is setting individual items at the end of our driveway.  Often times we unload enough on the neighbors (or whoever is taking it!) that I save making a trip to the thrift store.

*The weather is enviously beautiful during this part of the year.  We leave the windows and doors open during the day and may or may not turn the heat to 69 degrees at night.  We’ve had three fires in the fireplace so far this season!  Also, the oranges are ready!  This is one of my favorite things about this time of year.  Our generous neighbors supply us with more citrus than we can keep up with on our own.  I juice, then freeze in bulk, in containers we collect throughout the year.  For the past two years the season has run from Nov-about April.  YUM!

*My sister and her family are moving from CA to FL right NOW!  The house is packed & loaded.  They are sightseeing on their roundabout way over.  We are glad they are coming back and look forward to being 1.5 hours away instead of across the country!

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