Around the House in November

p1020188cEjoying leftover ice cream cake from mom’s birthday.

p1020192cSeeing who can stack the most chairs.  A fun game from the Tavris’!

p1020194cEllie’s creation.

p1020196cFront row seats at the air show!

p1020240cInsect girl holding walking stick.

p1020230cThe whole team working hard to get our paver patio in place….

p1020228cDigging up the area at night.

p1020232cPutting down weed protection and sand the next day.

p1020233cAiden wants to do everything Chris does….

p1020234c“Puh-lease let me try with the mallet!”

p1020352cDone, at last.

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2 Responses to Around the House in November

  1. Julie Vliem says:

    I enjoy the pictures and the glimpses of your life!!! The patio looks great and what a learning experience for those kids. Were they able to leave their signature somewhere on their project? Keep sending the pictures!! and stories!! I enjoy reading them.

  2. Looks very nice! It’s so cool to see the kids helping, too!

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