Magic Erasers

I’m a little slow when it comes to trying out new products.  I’m not one to throw money at the latest and greatest xyz.  I never picked one up until last month when helping friends clean their house during the moving process.  Even then, I only tried it because SHE had purchased them.  Otherwise, I would still be none the wiser.  I have memories of satisfaction the day I “discovered” THE MAGIC ERASER!  Everything I touched it to became like new.  Mind you, they have five kids so there were plenty places to try this out.  I completely exhausted the pad until there were holes and it was falling apart in my hand.  Since then, I found a coupon and purchased a box of 2 original Magic Eraser pads.  Tonight I cut one into 3 even pieces and set to work.  It was better than I remembered and I think it was because these were OUR grimy spots on the walls, cabinets & doors!  It was thrilling!  I have now used those 3 sections (totaling one whole eraser) and told Chris there had to be a drawback.  Basically, this is too good to be true.  How could I go so long and not try it for myself when it really is amazing?!  I asked him to look up the cons and he found the article about the little boy getting chemical burns on his face. (  Again and again this seemed to be the only one people referenced.  Okay so I won’t give them to the kids.   I also found this ( article and it makes me want to go cut up eraser #2 and get started tonight.  I won’t though.  Instead I leave you with a poll….  Oh yeah, I know there are Scotch Brite ones and did I hear they have generics at the dollar store too?

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2 Responses to Magic Erasers

  1. Debbie says:

    I am glad you have found them atlast! They ARE wonderful. I have tried several different brands in the quest for a good product at a better price. So far only the Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean lasts as long and cleans as much. Of course there are certain kinds of paint that it can’t be used on and some wall paper. I have even used it on a little white bookshelf we picked up junking that had Sharpie marker on it. 🙂 Happy Cleaning!

  2. Yes, they are fantastic, Wendy! I’ve tried the Scotch Brite kind, I think, (They have a layer of plain blue sponge on one side) and they weren’t as good. Just use those coupons for them… preferably while they’re on sale! 😉

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