We are Still Here!

Did you miss me?  I’ve been busy, but am still here!  Lots has been going on.  Since I’m not very fanciful or a great story teller, I’ll get straight to the point.  We are moving.  It was quite a shocker to Chris & I as we expected to be in FL until approximately the summer of 2010.  As it turns out, we will be moving cross country this summer.  (The box picture is premature, I know.)  Chris “won” (?) an all expense paid trip to graduate school… in California!  Crazy, huh?  Well, He’s pretty excited about the whole thing and I know it is pretty much his dream job.  He’s been fantasizing about this sort of thing for quite some time.  Course he didn’t think it would be handed to him the first time he applied, but whaddya know!?!

So, back to me being busy.  The house is now officially for sale 😦 and I’ve been cleaning like I’ve never cleaned before.  We have a really great realtor and she has advised me on what furniture to change around, curtains to take down, items to edit, and on, and on.  It is looking brighter and more spacious around here every day.  There is still MUCH to be done: We are wiping out drawers, straightening cabinets, wiping baseboards, and spraying tile grout.  There are holes in the wall to be filled, paint to touch up, things to hang, things to take down, weeds to pull, lawn to edge, and a messy garage!  Oh yeah, the kids are supposed to be learning and I have to feed them too!  Yes, we are busy.

I am happy and excited, but we are settled here and that makes me sad to leave too.  Our families are the closest distance ever in Chris’ Air Force career, we have a wonderful neighborhood with sweet neighbors & friends, we are plugged into our church where Chris is a deacon, we teach Adeline’s Sunday School class together, and the Word of God is preached faithfully each week by a man we respect highly.  We love our first purchased home, I am involved with our homeschool group, know all the friendly faces that greet me at the usual stores, and I think you get the picture.  These things all took time to establish and now we’ll have to re-find them in our new city.  I can remember feeling sorry for myself when we first moved here (less than 3 years ago) because I was used to  having so very many friends living close by on base for the 5 years prior.  When we first moved here (and for quite some time after) I compared everything to ND and I’m sure people got tired of hearing me say, “In North Dakota we __this__.” and “In North Dakota we __that__”.  Now I’ll probably be found telling everyone how things in Florida were!

I’ll close using my friend, Debbie’s, words (with permission, of couse!)

“One of the things Russel and I are thankful for as a military family are the constant moves, often on short notice and to an unexpected location.  It reminds us that we are pilgrims in this land, our home is eternal, that we must walk by faith; and that we aren’t to put down roots here and become attached to the things of this world.  It keeps our focus on those things which await us, having that eternal home and hope of glory.  It helps us relate more closely to the characters in the Bible, both Old and New Testament who had unexpected announcements to move and had to walk in complete faith going to a new land. So, whenever a move comes up and we have to “walk by faith” very literally we review the different Bible characters as a family and how their situation was alike or more challenging than ours.”

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