Birthdays & Company

I should be scrubbing the sink and tub in my bathroom right now.  After that is the kitchen floor.  They have been neglected as we have been busy with more important things.  Adeline turned EIGHT in March and Ellie turned SIX, 2 days ago!  Wow!  Birthdays have a way of turning into BirthWEEK around here.  Does that happen at your house?

Last month for Adeline’s birthday Chris had to be away for work for 3 days & 2 nights.  One of those days fell on Adeline’s birthday.  I decided that I would take the kids to visit grandparents during that time so she wouldn’t notice Chris missing her special day as much.  We started off by driving the 2+ hours to the Fedor’s.  Grandma had pizza, birthday cake ice cream and took the kids to the park with water fountains to play in.

p1020689cEllie shooting water


Then we were off to Gma & Gpa Bergstrom’s.  There was ice cream cake, gifts, a movie, games in the yard, and a hot dog dinner.  (camera batteries dead…)  In the morning we made the drive back to Gma & Gpa Fedor’s.  More gifts, a horseback trail ride for Adeline & Grandpa while Ellie & Aiden did a “walk around”  (little kids horse ride while being led around by the employee), and lunch out.

p1020707cAdeline with Scheik

p1020712cAiden with Malaya

p1020711cEllie waiting her turn.


The trail ride was an hour long.  We waited and explored the farm.  There was a great climbing tree and an enormous pig!

p1020703cOpening a Crayola brand kids digital camera.  (Don’t buy one.  The quality is so poor I wanted to return it, but Adeline likes it.  It is easy to use, but the resolution is so low.  It cost Chris $29 ish plus more for batteries.  I went on Craigslist and can find used digitals for MANY megapixels in the $20-$30 range.  That is what I suggest if you are considering a camera for your child!)

After that it was off to G.Gma Hilson’s for dinner out, carrot cake & ice cream in, gifts, overnight, a golf cart ride in the morning, and finally home.



We are up to 3 celebrations and haven’t gotten to be with dad yet….  Since he missed the real day he took Monday off of work so we could go to Busch Gardens as a family (free military admission 1x per year).  Oh, there was a big cookie  “cake” and ice cream too!

p1020748cMany Busch Gardens pictures, but this is the biggest group shot.  Just prior to getting soaked on the Congo River Rapids!


Fast forward 3 weeks and time to repeat for Ellie.  We started a week early when Gma & Gpa Bergstrom & G.Gma Hilson came to visit us for the day.  We went out to eat, had another big cookie “cake” & ice cream at home.  Don’t forget the gifts!

p1020776cEllie & G.Gma Hilson

Two days later G.Gma & G.Gpa Meuzelaar arrive!  We had a week long visit and more company to visit the company.  Melody, Matthew James, & Clara arrived Thursday.  They intended to get here in the morning, but were delayed by traffic, followed by a flat tire on the highway.  They were close enough for me to drive and meet them.  MJ & C loaded up with Adeline & I while M waited for AAA to fix her tire.  She arrives around 2 and shortly after, Gma Fedor, Alysia, & Anabel arrive too!  We have 13 for this birthday celebration complete with a pasta meal, chocolate cake, & ice cream.  (camera batteries dead)  M, MJ, & C leave late for their 1.5 hour drive home.  10 in the house overnight.  A & A leave the next evening.  Down to 8 now.  A couple days later is Ellie’s real birthday and of course we must celebrate one final time.  It is also Palm Sunday so we go to church as usual, G.Gma M, G.Gpa M, & Gma Fedor get to hear the kids sing in church.  We have breakfast for lunch at home afterwards and Gpa Fedor has arrived too.  More gifts.

p1020794cBest Friends!  Gifts of love from Aiden.  He felt the urge to quickly (and randomly) gather trinkets from his room for Ellie.  He then proceeded to dump them in front of her while the onlookers chuckled about his motive being kind, but his presentation lacking.

More cake.  More ice cream.  Evening kids choir program.  G & G Fedor attend then leave for home.  G.Gma M & G.Gpa M leave Monday morning.

See?  BirthWEEK!  It was fun.  I cleaned and rested after that.  As I mentioned, there is more cleaning to be done.  How do you manage when there are more birthweeks weeks than we have??!?!!!  Do you live and breathe BIRTHWEEK, year round?!

Chris and I got to have a date night while there were 3 in house sitters.  They dyed Easter eggs.  We got a quiet dinner.  There was also birthday gift shopping and errands.  At least we weren’t on the hourly rate clock, this time!  During this date I was saying to Chris how interesting it must be for my Grandparents.  They have 10 kids, I forget how many grandchildren (twenty something), and 6 great grand children with one more on the way!  We number over 50 on that side.  Many friends too.  My point is the travelling.  They stay in so many different homes when they go to visit here and there.  They see the real deal in each of these families.  They know our weaknesses and hear our kids fighting.  Yet, they come and help with the dishes, paint the garage door, clean the windows, read, babysit, make meals, crochet and treat us as if we are normal and love us anyway!

The photo gaps are due to my rechargable camera batteries being old.  They barely hold a charge.  I put in freshly charged ones and turn on my camera in anticipation of the perfect shot only to read “replace batteries” on my display. grrr.  I know it isn’t all lost though as mom & dad B, Melody, and G & G Meuzelaar’s batteries were not dead and came through with documenting the occasion for me.  Now if I can just obtain those pictures and file them in the right spot!

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2 Responses to Birthdays & Company

  1. Joy says:

    Great pics- fun to catch up on you guys! Happy birthday(s) to Adeline and Ellie- wow! 8 and 6 years old already??? Crazy.
    I had to laugh at Aiden’s gifts, as my boys both do the exact same thing!

  2. Susanna says:

    Wow!! What a whirlwind of birthday fun! Happy Birthday to the girls! Also, congrats on the adoption happenings! We will be praying for God’s guidance in all the in’s and out’s. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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