Home Study

Well, it is NEARLY official.  The home study, that is.  We have done our part.  What a huge project…complete!  I was able to proof read it this evening (an email attachment from the social worker) and Chris will likely be able to do that in the next couple days as well.   As our last two letters of recommendation come in,  it will be officially printed up and ready to distribute as we desire.  This can be to an adoption agency or even just to keep for ourselves, until needed.

When I wrote the previous post I didn’t feel like it could actually be accomplished, but item by item, we were steadily able to cross another thing off the “To-Do” list.  No, it didn’t take us one month, but two.  Still, we weren’t racing for a deadline, and I am pleased.

Are you interested in what this actually consisted of, for us?  Surely it could vary, depending on who is doing the home study, but I’m guessing it isn’t too far from normal, either….  Mrs. F. told us that many are state requirements.

Just kidding!  It all fit in one file folder!

(I don’t know why it is cutting off the right side of the box I pasted, but you get the idea!)


Client Information

  • Birth Certificate for each applicant. You may use a copy for your home study, but a certified copy may be necessary for the dossier.

  • Marriage License. (If applicable.) You may use a copy for your home study, but a certified copy may be necessary for the dossier.

  • Divorce Decree. (If applicable.)

  • Naturalization Papers. (If applicable.)

  • Copy of Heath Insurance Card.

  • Federal Income Tax Return Form from previous year.

  • Floor Plan of House. This can be hand drawn with rooms labeled.

  • Color Family Photo. Photo of everyone living in household.  A color copy is fine.


Supplemental questionnaire Complete for all household members 18 years of age and over.  Please fill out this form completely and sign the bottom.  If you answer “yes” to any questions, please provide a written explanation on an additional page as to the circumstances of your situation.

(one for Chris, one for me)


Life Summary.  Please type your life summaries and answer ALL of the questions completely.  Your life summaries are to be submitted with your Client Information form and Financial Statement prior to your home visit.

(Chris and I each filled 9 typed pages to answer the extensive questions here.  This was the part I dreaded most!)


Finance Info.  Please make sure that all the financial information remains consistent if you are giving this information to other sources for your adoption. Your salary should match what is put on your employment verification. This financial form is to be submitted with your Client Information form and Life Summaries prior to your home visit.


Background Information.  Fill out top of first page. On the second page include ALL household members even if they are under the age of 12.


FL Law Enforcement Info.  Fill in information needed in the bold box. One form must be filled out for every person living in the house who is 17 years or older.


Local County Law Enforcement Background Check ALL household members 18 years of age or older will need to have a local back ground check done for the county you live in.  Contact your county sheriff’s office for the details.  You do not need to be fingerprinted for this background check.


Five Reference Letters. You will need to obtain five (5) notarized personal references. At least three must be from non-family members. The references you choose should know each applicant. Use this form as a guide to help your personal references cover the topics needed in their letter. If the placing agency you are working with has a form for reference letters, you may use that form and mail copies of those references.


Physical Forms.  Complete for each adult in the home.  Please have a physician fill out this form completely. If your agency has a physician’s form that they would like to you to use, please use that form and send a copy of the completed form. *If you have children in your home please send a copy of their most recent physical/immunization record or a letter from their pediatrician indicating the child’s health status.

(Hmmm…I am just now noticing the children’s immunization statement.  I’m pretty sure I missed that one and she hasn’t brought it up….)


Employment Info. This information must be on company letterhead and notarized. If you are self-employed, you will need to obtain a letter from your accountant stating what your earnings are.


Moral Character Form.  Each member of the household who is 18 years or older will need to complete the form.


Guardianship Form.  Please have your designated guardians sign this form

Are you intimidated?  Don’t be!  Really.  I was, but if we can do it with three kids in the house, at all times, then don’t let the home study discourage you from pursuing adoption.  Ours was set up so that we clicked on each heading and printed out the necessary form.  That helped immensely as I was able to see the big picture from the start and work through them as I was able.  I tried doing the forms that needed to be mailed to others first so they could get a start too.  Also, once I realized that Mrs. F’s goal was to help us, not deem us unacceptable, I had a “can do” attitude!  It made a difference to be able to pick up the phone or email and get an answer within minutes or certainly the same day.

The home study remains valid for one year in Florida.  As I understand it, if we haven’t adopted by the time we move to CA, and adopt there instead, then we will have to have it updated for the new state.  This would certainly be minimal since we have done the big project the first time around.  We are told they would come see our new house, update the address and job info, and hopefully not much more than that.  I’ll let you know if I experience it!  Also, if we already have moved to CA and return to FL because of a child in FL then it would still need to be updated for CA (since that is where we would be living).

That is just a quick overview because I’m up too late.  I didn’t really set out to write this update tonight!

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