A New Leaf

So I’d like to turn over a new leaf regarding food and exercise (lifestyle).  I have struggled with this for as long as I can remember.  I don’t know how many times I have promised myself that I was going to stop overeating and make lasting changes.  The problem is I don’t follow through.  The next time we go out to eat, have guests over, have a special occasion, and on, and on, and on I go right back to my old ways.  I love desserts.  Chocolate is wonderful.  I used to like things like Hershey’s Kisses and Krackel Bars, but now I’ve gotten more picky and I prefer things like Dove chocolate, Nestle Treasures, and dark chocolates.  Standard chocolate chips aren’t the greatest, but I’ll eat them if I’m “craving” something.

I have had highs and lows, like most who struggle with their weight, but never rid myself of feeling fat.  Why am I “fessing up” here?  Why all of a sudden?  Well, I’ve had enough and although my eating habits haven’t improved yet, I’ve been reading more about people who have successfully gone before me.  This must be more popular for us girls as men just want the facts/steps.

I’ve been reading one lady’s blog and today I got 4 books at the library.  I actually forget how I originally linked to this lady’s blog, but it must have been from some mommy website as this lady has tons of kids.  She didn’t have time to go to a gym either.  I’ve tried that and as much as I love the results and commitment…I also feel selfish.  It would take the whole morning to gear up for our gym visit:  hurry through breakfast, get ready to leave (“hurry, hurry”), load up, drive 10+ minutes to gym, check into child care, attend 30-60 minute class, make conversation to check kids out of child care, load up, drive 10+ minutes home.  I mean, we are supposed to be homeschooling here.  In the end, I convinced myself that I could exercise at home and by walking our neighborhood.  Well, it worked for a little while.  Then we got a dog (1.5 years ago) and that was good because she had to be walked at least 2x per day.  Well, then we got a fence.  Great for the dog, bad for me no longer being forced to walk 2x per day!  There are just so many excuses to find.

Here I am.  Anyway, I originally went in for the book she took pointers from (mentioned on her blog), but couldn’t find it.  However, there was no lack of choices and I tried to be practical by only getting 4 so that I would actually look at them all.  I truthfully felt self conscious about getting 4 diet type books, but the checkout lady didn’t comment or give me any strange looks.  (Thankfully.)

So I read a little from each this evening.  Four different authors, each previously struggled with their weight at some time.  If you know me, I’m not much of a public person.  I mean, I don’t show big displays of emotion or share all of my thoughts.  Talking about wanting to lose weight naturally falls into a category I wouldn’t normally share, at least not too much.  But, one of my friends (SabMad) is pretty much the exact opposite (in person and on her blog).  She has no secrets.  She goes on and on about how much weight she has gained/lost, when she did or did not exercise, if she ate as she should, and more!  I don’t know if she does this for accountability or just because it is what’s on her mind.  Either way, I figured putting my own approach in print may help me accountability-wise.  Also, I’m going to talk Chris into joining me so I have support.  We mutually have the best of intentions, but also similar weaknesses.

I can’t say if these books are recommended yet, but here’s my list:

A Flat Stomach ASAP

No White at Night

Secrets of a Former Fat Girl

The Weight-Loss Diaries

By the way… I feel pretty knowledgeable about eating right and exercise in general.  Portion control is my problem.

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One Response to A New Leaf

  1. Susanna says:

    I’m with you! Chocloate/dessert is my downfall and of course way to big portions! For me a partner to exercise with is the key. One of my goals for this week is to figure out a way to walk at least 3 times a week. I’ll be thinking of you!

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