In Other News….

*Doing the previous post with some kid pictures brought to my attention that I’ve been taking fewer snapshots than usual, lately. Is this because I’m so overwhelmed at my lack of action once I’ve taken them? Photo organization could keep me busy for years on end, alone!

*Our home study is now officially complete! Yeah (round of applause, please?)!  We are currently pursuing application with Embraced By Grace, a Christian agency brought to my attention thru my friend, Joy B!  I love what they stand for and was completely in tune with the things on the website.  So far we’ve had our phone interview.  Next is the application.  If approved, we’d “check all boxes” pretty quickly from there since our home study is already complete.  If we move to CA without a new addition then we could still work through state lines with them.  It would just take some extra paperwork.

*Moving will be here before we know it.  The calendar seems to be speeding quickly by.  I can’t believe it is already JUNE!  We still need a house hunting trip and orders, but expect to leave mid(?) August.  Oh yeah, someone to buy our house would be great too!

*This is Florida and it is HOT here!  We are thankful for the ocean breezes and beautiful shade of our yard.  It makes it more bearable than inland.

*What about YOU?

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