Time for Some KID Pictures, No?


My boy crafting…stickers on the face.

P1020882cOur little sweeties before leaving the house for church.  Notice each one has to bring a friend in the car (or a toy, or 10).

P1020888cSweet Anabel came to stay with us for the Memorial Day weekend.  It was fun babysitting her.  The kids loved having her around, and were very helpful.  She is running all over now…16 month that weekend.


She walked quite a bit of the neighborhood, but we brought the stoller along to speed up the pace, eventually.


Anabel’s “subjects”-They each wanted their turn to feed her the bottle (we realized toward the end that she could hold it herself all along!)


Fake smile…a little math game.


Real smile…another math game.


Boy who doesn’t like to smile for camera…math game.


Our first week ordering a box of produce from “Greens & Things Delivered”.  We were very happy with it and ordered again this week.  They offer home delivery of organic fruits & vegetables in two counties.  Check it out HERE if you are local!  (You may want to turn your volume down, the music is bothersome, to me.)


Kids posing with our special delivery.  I haven’t taken the time to really price check the stuff to see how much extra I may be paying.  Imagine that!  If you know me, you know I make sure I’m getting the best deal.  I feel I am simply because it comes to my door!  It is wonderful.  Then I make sure to find meals to use up some of the harder items.  For example, tonight I put mushrooms in our chicken dinner…something I wouldn’t normally buy, but they came in the box (non-customizable…yet, but the only thing I wasn’t a fan of) so I ordered anyway.P1020936c

Fun water toy from Aunt Alysia & Uncle Dylan.  They loved it while it lasted, but then a seam burst.  CVS gave me a store credit though.  I wasn’t willing to get another one since I pretty much could guess the same thing would happen.

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