I undertook a major trip with the children, in June.  The family was gathering in IL for Grampa M’s 80th birthday so there was a big get together.  Chris had to work so I decided I could handle driving 1200 miles (one way) with the three.  We handled it and I opted for Chris’ car instead of the van.  This complicated things between the kids with Aiden in the middle and each sister within easy reach.  Doubtful I need to say more as I’m sure you experienced a car trip of your own, once upon a time.  Just think,   “HE’S TOUCHING ME!” 100 times a day!  We got to visit MISTI & fam, in TN, on the way up and AMY & kids, in KY, on the way home.P1020995c&cr

(not everyone made the family photo, but not bad for such a large group!)


the kids and I by the car, day 1


first night, hotel in GA


P1020959ckids with camera in back seat, day 2



lunch & ice cream break, GA or TN


too bad I only got pics like these from Misti’s…the kids had fun & lovely home, as you can see


watchin’ a movie, thanks McMillan’s!


day #3 of driving

P1020994cAdeline gathered flowers at the park

P1020993cAiden initiated trash patrol…little sweetie!  The soccer team playing on the field nearby stopped to applaud his efforts.  He was a little surprised, but probably a little pleased too.

P1020999csome of the cousins at the birthday gathering

P1030008cAdeline enjoyed teaming up with Cousin Michelle at Cousin Andrea’s wedding shower!

P1030055ctuckered out after Fair Oaks Dairy Farm (IN), departing IL

No pictures of KY because my camera batteries were charging.  Hopefully I can add some soon, Amy?

It was great to be home after 10 days.  Chris had homemade pizza waiting for us!

We left within 24 hours to go visiting for Father’s Day weekend.  There we celebrated Father’s Day, Aiden’s 5th bday (early) and Aunt Kay’s birthday.  What a weekend!  G & G B had done elaborate birthday preparations with a treasure chest, made by Grandpa, for Aiden’s gift.  It was filled with goodies:


Grandma had prepared a treasure hunt for each of the kids as well as an elaborate treasure chest cake!




P1030077cpool fun at G & G B’s

Of course there’s more, but my time here isn’t unlimited.

Perhaps we can get some camp details up next time!

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  1. Blythe says:

    Looks like a fun trip! Wow- a long car ride with kids and no husband! That sounds tough. I don’t think I could do that with my 3 but you’re three are all older than mine so maybe I could handle it if they were older. Did you get my e-mail that I sent you a couple of weeks ago? -not sure if I’m using the correct e-mail address

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