It’s a Packing Sort of Day

The moving countdown is 5 weeks until Driving Away Day.  The goal is August 31st.  With August right around the corner, reality is setting in.  Of course we’ve been cleaning and editing the house for selling purposes, but now we are taking it to the next step.  Today we boxed up kid room decorations, and the toiletry stash.  That consisted of countless tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, bars of soap, razors, and so on.  When CVS & Walgreens give them away or pay me to take their stuff, I show up.  As a result, we had a box filled to overflowing with toiletries.  I can rest easy about not stockpiling during the moving process.  Oh, and lots of dusty knick-knacks in the girls room.

The garage is filled with more flattened boxes than we will probably need, courtesy of two thoughtful military families who recently moved to town.  One even helped deliver for free!  Oh and LOTS of packing paper.  I doubt we work through it all.  Too bad we put it in the garage haphazardly and now the flat boxes are beginning to slide d-o-w-n to the ground.  I have to dig (as if through a file) to find the proper size box.  1.5 is books-we’ll need lots.  3.0 is the next smallest.  I like those too because I can still lift when they are full.  There are more wardrobe boxes than we will need although Chris had the brilliant idea of using them for the trampoline parts so that will take up quite a few (in addition to the ones for the hanging clothes).  Then there are a couple sizes in between.

I am trying to take care not to box up stuff we don’t want/need in California, but it gets tricky since we don’t know the size limitations or style of the house just yet.  Either way, we have too much stuff.  And yes, it slows our life down because there is always cleaning to be done.  The kids are fantastically good at spreading their posessions throughout the house.  I’m taking the “less is more” mindset, but I also have a tendancy to wonder if I should keep this “just in case” too.  I don’t want so much storage and seasonal stuff that gets used so little, ya know?

Time to go for a walk and make dinner.  Chris will be home from work and another day gone. tick.  tick.

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