Moving Week

I’ve been absent due to everything MOVING.  Oh, plus regular life.  Yeah.  That keeps us busy too.  So moving week is here.  I “can’t believe” it, in a way.  I’m not going to try and back up to catch you up.  Plans have changed more than once.  There are reservations galore, enough packing paper to get lost in, and we still try to make some meals around here too.  That adds regular mess to packing mess and we have…a mess.  surprise.

We have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to tie up loose ends, but I feel like it has gone well, although a bit drawn out.  The truck comes to load it up on Thursday.  I’m going to put out my guess, for anyone who cares, that we will have 10,000 pounds this time.  I’ll let you know once we weigh in.

In case you are not familiar with packing up your life for a cross-country move, it is no small task.  I think next time, we hire the packers!

Oh, Chris and Aiden traveled to California this month and found our rental house.  They are sure we will like it there, so surely we will.  They also found “our” new church.  They were warmly welcomed and let me tell you we’ve never had such an easy church search.  Thank you, Lord!

We are thankful for our family and friends who have helped us accomplish the things that needed doing along the way.  Making meals, driving loads to the storage garage, packing boxes, fixing furniture, mowing the lawn, cleaning!  Every bit helped.

I still can’t say I’m excited to leave as I was quite settled here.  My neighbors, the house, our church, family a couple hours away.  I will miss you.  I wish I had done a better job of seeing friends while we were here for 3 years & 3.5 months.  Why is that the way it goes?

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