Last Days in FL

Adeline & Ellie making nature art.  Maybe you can see boxes stacked up in the background.  Also, the vase with ribbon on the table was from friends at our church going away party (Thanks RICHARDSON’S!).P1030303c

Chris and I were the teachers for the 1st-3rd grade Sunday School class for the last couple years.  A few kids are missing this day, but you get the idea.  I think Adeline may be glad she is in a class without her mom & dad every week now!P1030307c

This was the most regular group in our Florida back yard.  Aiden, Adeline, Katie, and Ellie.  Katie is a little older than Ellie, and a little younger than Adeline.  It was a perfect fit!  Poor thing endured much teasing, just like a sister would, by that little red headed boy.  They jumped on the trampoline, pushed one another on the swing, made many forts, much soup, and stores in the back yard out of sticks, palm branches, and anything & everything they could drag out of the garage.  How to fun to have a friend conveniently located on the other side of the fence.  They miss it sorely.P1030308c


Enjoying the Atlantic Ocean while staying at the Temporary Lodging Facility at Patrick AFB.  It is conveniently located ON THE BEACH.  It is larger, closer, and more affordable than a beach side hotel!  Yes, military perks can be good.  We saw all FL grandparents for the last time, as well as aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I did lots of cleaning at the Friday Circle house.P1030318c

Chris, Mazzy (the cat), and Maria (the dog)  began driving to CA on Friday afternoon so that they could be at the San Fransisco airport by Tuesday, Sept 1st to pick up the kids and I.  3,000 miles.  He made it by MONDAY.  It was nice, but strange arriving in CA the very day that we departed for FL  (Thanks KRISTIN for driving us and protecting us from the crazy man who wanted to pay me $20 for a needle!).  I kept saying it seemed more like we were on vacation than in our new area.  I mean, moving across country with 3 kids includes car naps, drive thrus, books, toys, snacks, potty breaks, car disputes, kid CD’s, and stuffed animals falling out when the door is opened at the gas station.  Right?  I liked skipping that part because I was worn out from packing & cleaning.  It was great.  The van arrived a couple weeks later (Thanks to JUDY signing it over to the semi-driver for us).

Here are the kids enjoying the headphones on the airplane.



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