A Little Bit of Work. A Lot of Fun.

A yummy little spot on Cannery Row, Monterey.P1030368c

Mmmm!  1/2 for you, 1/2 for me.  P1030369c

Ellie helping me with something.  Check out this stove.  It’s gotta be a 1950’s original.  It has 6 gas burners, a top that lifts up and clips overhead (that white thing above her ears), has 2 tiny ovens, and 2 broiler drawers.


What a team!  Putting the trampoline back together after it’s month of vacation.  Hours of exercise & enjoyment right in our own back yard.


Chris began teaching the kids how to play chess in Florida.  I think this was the game where Ellie actually took Chris by surprise and won.  Surely he was feeling like he had it “in the bag” and wasn’t paying attention.  Perhaps it was the drink that helped her.  ha.  That was added for the picture.


Best friends.  Will travel.


P1030383cOur friends from church told us there was a sand castle contest at the Carmel Beach.  We headed over to have a look see.  The contest was over, but we got to see the work that hadn’t been washed away by the incoming tide.  The beach was WINDY!  Definitely different from FL beaches.  Can you see the change in elevation in the background?  The lovely green spot is one of the golf courses in Pebble Beach.  Lots of seaweed & dogs (as previously mentioned)!





Knocking the sand off so the shoes can go back on.


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