Anybody Gettin’ Tired of Field Trips Yet? Nope!

This house has what they call an “atrium” or “solarium”.  To me, it is an enclosed patio.  Whatever you call it, it is huge.  That red thing is a “swedish fireplace” over in the corner.  We opted to use this as our dining room so we could use the real dining room as a “study”.  Besides, what else would I have put out there?  As you can see, the kids thought up the great idea of using it as a skating rink.  I saw no harm in it as the tiles are clearly ancient and not in tip top shape.  We pulled up the corners of the rug under the table to give them a little more space when circling the table.  It works.P1030459c

Chris had been wanting to try out public transportation to see how practical it would be for him to get to school.  We made a field trip out of it as riding the bus is new to us “country folk”.  I know, I know.  We hiked to the nearest bus stop from our house and waited.  They let the kids ride free and I won’t bother trying to explain the fees for Chris & I.  If you didn’t have a car and NEEDED the bus it would be worth it, but  I naively thought it would be just a couple quarters.  We successfully loaded in and rode to the main exchange to transfer busses.  It worked!  Course it took about an hour.  We can drive to Naval Post Graduate School in less than 10 minutes.


Once at NPS, Chris gave us the campus tour.  (He’d been coming to inprocess, etc and was getting an idea of where things were already.)

At the top of Hermann Hall.  I don’t know how many flights of stairs we climbed, but it felt like 50.  It was a clear and beautiful day to look out from atop this historic hotel.  Aiden lost his sunglasses over the wall shown in the picture.  They landed on a roof another level down.  He couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let him “just climb down and get them”!


Looking down the classic, old staircase at Chris & Ellie, a level or two down.


International flags outside of some building at NPS.  (Chris may gasp in horror at the “some building” statement.)


Have you ever been on a field trip without snack time?  I didn’t think so.


Going home took a bit longer as we missed the bus from NPS to the transfer station.  We walked.  It was fun and doable.  The bus certainly takes longer than driving.  More waiting.  It saves money if you don’t simultaneously maintain a car.  It also cuts off at a certain time each day.  Not conducive to the times some of his classes dismiss.  I am thankful that we don’t have to depend on it.

Kids waiting by a fountain for the bus to take us near home.  Then we walk again.


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