Day of Shipment

I actually couldn’t believe it when the truck driver called us on Thursday evening to say he would be at our house the next morning (Sept 4th).  The company we hired turned out to be a bad one so I was actually mentally prepared to be strung along for weeks before the truck arrived.  ouch.  We are still dealing with trying to get the money they overcharged us back, but I guess I’d rather deal with it from our furnished house than waiting in that little hotel for weeks on end.  oh well.

By Wednesday we had already gotten library cards and carried as much as we could out the door.  A day without books is a bad day and we couldn’t stock up for the airplane trip over!

Chris reading to Aiden while we waited on the moving truck.  May I take this opportunity to add he quoted us an early morning time like 7 am.  We were up painfully early in order to a) be physically ready b) checked out of the hotel so we didn’t have to come back c) get the balance we owed the driver out of the ATM machine in $20’s.  It wasn’t a nice feeling.  Guess when he showed up.  I don’t remember, but it was after lunch.  grrr.P1030343c




We have 3 big helpers.  Note the boxes turned sideways in the background.  They only have “glass” and “UPRIGHT” arrows scrawled all over.  oh brother.  Many were completely smashed and caved in.  A short list of glass items were broken, but my expectations were so low that I was actually expecting more to be broken!P1030353c


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