Gizdich Apples

Whaddya know?  Another field trip!  Well I’ve never picked apples before so we couldn’t pass up a chance to go to Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville.  The season is only so long, ya know?  It wasn’t close and you can get them cheaper in the store.  Tourists.  Our new friends from church met us there.  An added bonus!

Every apple farm needs an old, broken down tractor for the kids to climb in.  Oh wait, this is my first apple farm.  Well they had one here.  It was a bit rusty for safe play, if you ask me.



P1030471cOur three plus new friends.  New friends will remain nameless until I have express, written consent to post them here.  P1030476c

Making fresh apple juice the next morning.  There were pancakes with apples too!  Yum.P1030478c

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One Response to Gizdich Apples

  1. Dawn Williams says:

    I love my Champion Juicer, it’s the best. Can’t wait to get back to Kenya and start juicing fresh produce again. Looks like your enjoying CA.

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