Good Day for a Bike Ride

The kids haven’t been able to ride bikes as much as in FL.  Our street was less frequented there and no through traffic on the neighborhood circle.  Here the cars drive too fast, there are hills and curves.  One day we loaded up the bikes and took a nice ride along the Montery Bay Coastal Bike Trail.  The kids all keep up nicely and Aiden wants us to go faster.  There is lots of traffic on this path.  It runs along the bay.  Many are tourists strolling.  Many frequent this path for regular exercise:   biking, running & power-walking.  The kids must pay attention and stay in control of the bike and dodge people all while moving at a rather rapid pace.  I am amazed at the speed that some cyclists use through this heavily populated section of the trail.  It actually seems dangerous to me.  Thankfully there were no accidents.

Pulled off to the side to use binoculars here.  There are more creatures sunning themselves on the rocks.  Otters too (I know what those look like!).P1030442c

We stopped when the trail ended at Lover’s Point, Pacific Grove.  Not too sure how many miles we rode, there & back, but that would just be bonus info anyway.  You get the idea!


Plenty of rocks to climb on here.  Good thing he still has his bike helmet on, no?!


I like this picture of the 4 bikers.  Ready to head back from the turning around point.


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