Made it to California….

Here’s a picture of our first meal in the new house.  We arrived in Cali on the 1st.  Signed the 2 year lease on the 2nd, then brought things out of the hotel room that had been packed in Chris’ car during the drive from FL.  Our household shipment would arrive at an unknown date (it came by Friday) so we were staying in the Monterey Navy Lodge until then.  During that time with nothing to unpack, we played the role of tourist!  I still felt as if we were on vacation because we stayed in the hotel for 3 nights.  We had a tiny kitchenette while at the hotel.  There was a 2 burner cook top, less than basic dishes in the cabinets, a sink, and tiny fridge.  We ate out, but purchased groceries too.  One night we forgot about how dinky the freezer was and purchased a regular size container of ice cream.  Duh!  We had to eat and scoop the rest into cereal size bowls to get it to be short enough to fit in there!  Oh, and I turned the temp down once the ice cream was in there and it froze the fruit in the refrigerator.  It was “fun”, but I was glad it was only 3 days….

grapes & sandwiches?P1030327c

peanut butter face boyP1030330cgrape girl


The famous park in this area is the “Dennis the Menace” park.  It is rather large, and old.  Our pastor said he used to play here when he was a kid.  Sounds like some of the toys are originals or restored as the originals were (like the rolly slide).  There is also a full size locomotive engine that the children can freely climb on.  They think it is teriffic!


Climbing wall at Dennis the Menace Park



The park is close to the Monterey Bay.  After the park we walked to, then along the beach.


Everybody in one room 3 nights in the hotel.  There was a playground right outside of our window.  The kids liked that.  I liked it because they are old enough to play without help.  I don’t prefer the playground.



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