Unpacking & Bird Rock

The thing that set this move apart from others (especially the last one) was Chris taking a couple weeks of leave.  It was wonderful because each day we would do a little unpacking, errands, phone calls, then go exploring our local area.  The unpacking didn’t seem to wear on because we took lots of breaks.  Of course, this extended the number of days we unpacked, but it was great having Chris all to ourselves for nearly 4 weeks!  He’s been working loooong hours the past 3 years so it was a welcome break.  That is also the reason he had plenty of days to spare.  He was always too busy working to use them!

The girls are pleased they get a chance to have their own rooms this time.  Ever since Aiden was born they have been sharing a room.  Of course this is very fine and has worked well.  However, the house Chris picked out had some “bonus square footage”!  (something we were NOT expecting in CA with the high cost of housing)P1030358c

Both girls have “horse” rooms.  They chose this theme mutually when we assumed they would be sharing a room, as usual.  When we found out about the extra rooms at this house they each stuck with the original plan.  The house is very unique in many ways.  One is that both of the girl rooms have actual wood walls.  Can’t get any better than that for girls who dreamed of a horse themed room.  “What exactly is a horse room,” you ask .  Well, in this case it has translated to mean every horse figurine they own is displayed on the built in shelves.  Ellie has a horse blanket, (made with love by Grandma B).  They each have their pink cowgirl hats displayed, have cowboy hat hooks, and probably more.  I like the kid rooms because of all the built in storage space! P1030359c

Visiting Bird Rock Beach (located off of 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach).  This lovely location on the Pacific coast is very near to our house.  In fact, if you’ve ever heard of 17 Mile Drive, our road intersects it at one point.  No doubt about it…this part of California is beautiful.  On this visit the sun was setting, the wind was blowing, and it was pretty chilly.  There was a wedding taking place nearby, overlooking the rocks and ocean.  I felt kinda bad for the bride & bridesmaids.  They were obviously freezing and those fancy hairdo’s were taking a beating.P1030360c


Chris, the kids, and Maria (the dog) down on the rocks.  There are many seals (or are they sea otters?) sunning themselves on the rocks.  I’ve asked Chris the difference between the two many times and we even borrowed books and a DVD on this very subject from the library.  Somehow it hasn’t stuck with me yet.P1030363c


Despite missing FL friends, the kids have repeatedly commented on liking it here.  There is so much to see and do for free.  The natural scenery is beautiful and they have had many new experiences.  Oh, I must mention that this area of CA (don’t know about the rest yet) is VERY dog friendly.  In FL there are “no dog” signs everywhere around the parks & beaches.  Here you stick out like a sore thumb without one.  Funny.  Course it is clear that these dogs are elevated to people status and they do go overboard, but they also seem like responsible pet owners who pick up after their pet so the privilege isn’t spoiled for the masses.P1030365c


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