Will She Ever Stop?

If you think my update has gone on too long you are right.  It is nearly 3 am.  That’ll hurt in a few hours.  This is what I get for getting behind.  How could I skip it all and just start in at the present though?  I couldn’t.  Now you’ve seen us settling in.  We are unpacked (except for some things we obviously don’t need), school has started, and the church has been very welcoming.  We are seeing beautiful places and learning lots through “doing”.  Sometimes I still feel like I’m on vacation.

Our nameless apple farm friends had us over for this lovely pumpkin picking party.  They grew them in their own backyard and had plenty to share.  These are pie pumpkins so I’ve been saving pumpkin recipes I come across.  Must put them to good use after a little enjoyment on the dining table.  Thanks FRIENDS!  They have a wonderful garden too.  We’ve already been the grateful recipients of flowers, tiny tomatoes, squash & zucchini.


Dad is reading us The Hobbit or There and Back Again.  Sometimes there is a fire.  Sometimes there isn’t.  Goodnight!P1030518c

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One Response to Will She Ever Stop?

  1. Enjoyed your blog. Loved the adoption part. I can soooo relate. It does seem like a never ending process. We adopted a 2 yr old boy, who is now 8. Loved the part about getting pictures in order, never ending job. I keep taking them, but never seem to get them printed out. They are all filed neatly in the computer. Also loved that you were up at 3, I reading this at 4 am . It is always amazing to me to find so many people I have so much in common with. It certainly does feel like I never stop:)

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