It’s Time

Time for a new post, that is.  I knew it and was sick of the last one being there so long, but my dear friend Tracey put it into words.  “You have to update more often when you have a blog.”  Okay, this is for you, Tracey!

First things first, praise the Lord we have a contract on our Florida house!  Monday after Thanksgiving (just a couple days after I talked to you T & K) a lady made an offer and we were able to come to terms of agreement within just a couple days.  A lot still has to happen, but it is a huge step in the right direction!  As much as I “love” our Florida house (and friends close by), it will be a burden lifted the day it is no longer ours.  It hasn’t been *fun* making two full payments.  I pray things can come to a quick conclusion and hope you will pray with us too.  Thank you.

Next, Chris is just 3 days away from completing his first quarter at Naval Postgraduate School!  He has done exceedingly well and his many hours of dedication in the library have paid off.  It has been sort of strange going back to a student sort of schedule, but not a student lifestyle.  Chris tries to treat each day as a full work day.  If he doesn’t have class then he goes to the library instead of coming home.  This helps him to get his work done there while not disrupting our school here.  When we are all together not much gets done!  He will have two weeks between quarters.  However, he won’t really be “off” because of his Major’s coursework that  needs attention.  This is a correspondence school he’s been chipping away at since the spring.  Bit by bit.  Oh, and if you are hearing “Major” for the first time, Chris pinned on his new rank October 1.  Also, this month marks his 10 anniversary since being commissioned.

Three:  Sunday is the anniversary of the day my dear Christopher and I were married…twelve years ago!  Can you believe it?  We celebrated last month when we attended a Family Life Weekend to Remember marriage conference.  We had actually never been to a marriage conference prior to that and thought it was about time.  Nothing new and profound, but a good refresher nonetheless.  We were both glad we went and enjoyed a quiet weekend without the three.  They were off having fun while staying with families from our new church.  The girls stayed with a family that has four children (3 girls, 1 boy).  Aiden stayed with another church family, our pastor’s,  who has four children as well (3 boys, 1 girl)!

The kids are healthy & happy.  Ellie is about to lose her 2 front teeth, but doesn’t want to wiggle them and eats everything on the side of her mouth.  Adeline is reading like never before and just received an orthodontist referral.  The poor girl has my large teeth.  Aiden feels like he ate bricks for lunch because he is so strong and active.  They love making forts together in the forest.  They feel strong because even large logs are able to be lifted into the proper spot in the fort wall when they are rotten and eaten to pieces by termites.

My parents recently visited from FL and stayed 6 days.  My dad had a milestone birthday and we showed them our new surroundings.  It was fun having them here.  I think they liked it.

Chris and I attended an introduction meeting last night at an adoption agency about 30 minutes away.  Beginning in January the 8 weeks of classes should start.  Unfortunately, we have to start a CA home study even though we have a completed FL home study.  This was a major bummer as I thought we could pick up where we left off (not to mention the time and money spent on the first).  This agency sounds promising about trying to work with what we have which is a few steps more than any others here were willing to do.

I stay busy with running things here.  There is always something with schooling, meals, laundry, cleaning, business with the FL house and more (This week it is finding a new homeowner’s policy because we are being dropped due to the vacancy.).  Oh, and the kitchen counter that attracts incoming papers from miles and miles across the US.  If you can’t find that paper you are looking for it’s probably because it is on my kitchen counter.  Seriously, how do women work and still keep up with the things that take me all day to do?  This spot may be the one in the house that drives me more crazy than constant dishes & laundry.

I had the best of intentions on mailing out a Christmas letter with photo this year, but just don’t see it happening.  I even have copies of the photos already.  Guess where they are sitting?!  Anyway, what could I write that wouldn’t be repeating all of this?  I didn’t intend for this post to turn into that sort of letter, but what could I do after not posting for so long?  I’m just not feeling the motivation.  Maybe you’ll just get the photo instead.

Write us with YOUR news!

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4 Responses to It’s Time

  1. Amy Scott says:

    Hey, don’t forget me in the T & K news. I subscribe to your blog and clicked on it last week. I just wanted to make sure the feed wasn’t broken since I hadn’t heard an update in so long. 🙂

    Congratulations on your contract!

    Wish you were still in FL, as we make our way down there later this month.

  2. Erinn says:

    Yes! Send out the photo by itself. I would if I had a photo…which I don’t. 😦 So just check out what we have on fb. 🙂

  3. Tracey says:

    Hey Girl! Thanks for the update. I was wondering…….Congrats to Chris! I didn’t get around to Christmas cards this year either ~ although it sounds like you were ahead of me in making it happen. ~ And I’ll take a photo too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Cherise Dockter says:

    Hi! Congratulations on how things are going with your house, and with how well Chris has been doing. I loved your letter and picture! I tried to respond to your e-mail, but it came back as “undeliverable”. That’s been happening a lot lately. I will message you my phone number on facebook, and then I’d like to discuss what I would’ve told you in the e-mail. Have a great day!

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