New Year’s Eve

Don’t have any pictures because I didn’t know we were going to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk on New Year’s Eve.  But, we did.  It is an old-fashioned amusement place on the beach.  I’ve never been to Coney Island, but I imagine it similarly.  The kids thought it fantastic.  Chris & I found it a bit run down.  I think it was probably glamorous “back in the day.”  Probably at night too.  Maybe I’m just germaphobic.  We purchased the best deal, bracelets for unlimited rides.  Only 1/2 the park was open because it is off-season, but it brought the price down and the kids didn’t mind.  They rode 5-7 rides time & time again.  My favorite (although I didn’t ride), was the old-fashioned carousel.  I was unfamiliar with the ring toss game since very few carousels do this anymore, but it revolutionized my concept of the carousel being a “boring, babyish” ride.  It was so exciting to watch kids run for the outer horses and reach out to grab the rings as they passed the dispenser arm.  Our kids didn’t know what was going on the first time around and got inner horses.  After that they would wait in line an extra round just so they could get an outer horse.  After many misses they each got a ring (1/2 the challenge for short kids) and tried their hand at throwing it in the clown’s mouth.  Of course most people don’t get it IN the clown’s mouth, but it sure looks fun trying!  Anyone who is unfamiliar with the concept is probably completely lost right now.  Here’s a really bad video from the official website, then a good one.  I’m curious which of my readers were familiar with this game or have even done it before!

1911 Looff Carousel
Good One!

Bonus for you:  a picture of the glow-in-the-dark teeth Aiden got while at the Boardwalk!  (He’s in the bathtub.)  Love those freckles!

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