One Vehicle Family

Monterey is very bike friendly.  We really like the idea of not “having” to have two vehicles.  They have a great bus system too.  After being here a couple months (?) we sold Chris’ car.  For awhile he rode the bus and we shared the van.  Now we share the van and he rides a bike.  Not exactly the type of bike he wants (one with an engine), but a nice bike nonetheless!

This bike has skinny tires so it goes really fast on the steep & hilly roads around here.  If it is wet outside he drives.  He doesn’t ride the bike on Tuesdays (blues uniform day).  I’ve only gone on a few hills and none as big as the ones he rides to school.  It’s scary when you know you wouldn’t be able to stop in an emergency!  I don’t think my brakes are as good as his though.

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