The tooth fairy left Ellie a gift certificate to go to MYO under her pillow. I know, I know.
Anyway, I had recently taken Adeline there so Ellie had only heard “the legend” until going with Chris. Basically this place has about 8 flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt and a mad crazy topping bar extravaganza. They give you an empty bowl, you fill to heart’s content, they weigh, you pay. Voila! Simple money making business. Low overhead & lots of tourists on Cannery Row. It’s brilliant really. Tourist location + ice cream = good money. People are paying similar prices a block down for Ghirardelli ice cream, and 2 blocks the other direction you’ve got the Nestle Tollhouse Shoppe. There’s a Dippin’ Dots, and more all within close proximity to one another.

Back to Ellie. She found it everything she hoped it would be (Chris did too) and here’s the proof:

I think she knows she’s extra cute with that big ‘ol gap in the front.

We have since ridden bikes there as a family so now Aiden has experienced MYO as well.  Oh, and the grandparents have been promised to get the introduction too.  Good thing we have a punch card.

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