A Big Change

Long haired sistersAfter this picture I think you’ll guess where I’m going with this post….

Ta-da!  Short-haired sisters.  The cuts are actually cuter in person than this photo, but I wanted to show you the same pose as “before”.

Ellie asked for her hair to be straightened at the salon so hers is a double whammy.  It’ll be like a new surprise when we see the curls with the new cut.  She got a little teary during the cut when it got shorter than she imagined, but perked up by the time it was done being styled.  I felt awful during that phase, but really, it wasn’t me encouraging or pushing them to do it.  They wanted hair cuts so I said they could go short if we were going to donate it.  I think we’ve decided on Pantene Beautiful Lengths .  They are happy, Chris & I are happy, and I hope somebody receiving the wigs will be happy.  Fewer tangles are in our future!

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3 Responses to A Big Change

  1. Adams Family says:

    Cute, Cute, CUTE!!!! I’m glad to hear it will get donated. The girls look so grown up!

  2. Gram&Grampa Meuzelaar says:

    What a surprise! We like the hair cuts and what a wonderful gift for some other child who has need of those beautiful locks! Thanks girls for making that wonderful gift and thinking of others. We’re looking to go to Fl. in April and wish you were there too! We’ll miss spending time in Cocoa and picking the oranges too!

  3. Susanna says:

    Very cute!!They look great!

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