More Birthday Fun

And if one day of birthday fun weren’t enough, we had a second.  A sweet family from church let me invite ourselves over to ride the horse they were leasing.  It didn’t quite work out that way, but they found a replacement horse for us to ride. (They live in a neighborhood, not near the arena in the pictures.)   This took some arranging as this horse traveled on a trailer, to this arena,  just for the occasion.  Friends of our friends, that we had never even met before brought Kacie out.  Is that nice, or what!?

Michelle gave each of the kids a generous turn and coached them along the way.  She was a great teacher!

Adeline went first.

Ellie & Aiden rode too.  I feel like a horrible mom…no pictures of Ellie.  I think I was talking to the horse family’s daughter.  They have adopted several times so I had lots of questions.

Our friends didn’t “just” set up real live horse time at the arena.  Oh no.  They also made a party at home for her.  There were horse table decorations, bandanas, cowboy hats, balloons, perfectly matched plates & napkins, and yummy party food, including ice cream cake.  You will have to believe me.  I must have been too busy talking to take a picture.  Sheesh.

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