It’s been awhile, no?  The details disappear the longer it has been, but I’m sure some pictures would help jog my memory.  Let’s see:

We moved!  It’s crazy for sure, but we are getting pretty settled now that it has been 6+ weeks (I think).  Thankfully, we had good friends willing to help with the man work part of the move.  Here is a picture of the first load (of 3).  Chris, the kids, and our friend, Joe.  In an ambitious streak, they started this load at night and finished after 10 pm.  Oh, I should mention that it was a local move.  We now live closer to the school Chris attends.  It is more of “city living” with a small yard and closer neighbors.  The house is smaller in a cozy way.  We really like it so far.  The whole point of moving was to save money since the FL house sat vacant for so long.  (It is now sold, Praise the LORD!  I probably never mentioned that since it happened the same week as the move.  Saying “we’ve been busy” is just plain…an understatement.)

Aiden Muscle Man Bergstrom.  He’s at the age where he is quite certain that he is as strong as the men and somehow operating the dolly proves it.  He wanted to use it every time, even when it was impractical and unnecessary.  What a good-natured little worker!

Adeline Riding Helmet Packing Bergstrom

Ellie Packing Her Room Bergstrom

Ah yes, the real life petting zoo.  We went from having a cat & dog (standard American family) to having a cat, dog, 2 rabbits, & 2 guinea pigs (standard home school family!).  The kids are loving their new little fuzzy creatures and each care for a specific one.  Our military, home school friends moved cross country and couldn’t take these fun little ones along so now my kids get to enjoy them.  It has been 2 months and their interest hasn’t waned.  As part of their morning schedule they feed, water, and pet or hold the caged pets.  This is repeated at night, and often throughout the day.  If we have company everyone heads toward the garage for a peek.  Our landlord kindly gave(?)/loaned us an outdoor cage/pen.  This is like the pets recess time each day.  They come out into the sun light and sniff around inside the cage.  Our kids love to join them inside.  It is a furry festival every day at our house now.  Maria Dog Bergstrom wishes we would let her investigate more thoroughly, but she must be supervised “just in case”.  She did kill a baby rabbit one time in our FL yard.

Cute kids in the outdoor cage I mentioned while friends are over

That’s all for now.  I just wanted to say “hello” and let you know we are well!

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3 Responses to Absence

  1. christina says:

    Glad to hear you are doing well!! You are so brave to enlarge your family with so many fuzzy friends…

  2. Penni says:

    Sorry, I cried as I looked at all your pictures. Really do love you and really do miss you. I am very grateful that God caused our pathes to cross.

  3. Melody says:

    Cute kids with animals! The pets looked bigger than I imagined! I’ll show this to the kids in the morning… they’ll love it!

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