Everything Baseball

T-Ball season was fun.  The last game is this week.  Aiden enjoyed it very much and felt so important and tied into the world of baseball.  I think he felt part of something big.  Important and able to relate.  Our new house has a baseball diamond across the street so the timing was perfect.  He doesn’t play at this field, but everyday around 4 pm, the cars roll in for the big game.  We can hear the speaker person and they often play songs during warm-up, etc.  The kids really like it.  He had a cute little team and very patient coaches.  Some of the kids were so little.  It was cute to see them in their baggy pants looking so excited and having a great time out there.

Little ones amusing themselves while waiting for a turn to bat.

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One Response to Everything Baseball

  1. Melody says:

    So Cute! That top photo is great… looks like a Norman Rockwell with all the kids doing something different!

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