Little Boy’s First Tooth

Aiden was just itching to “catch up” to the girls in the teeth department.  His excitement began when someone noticed that his adult teeth were already growing in behind his baby teeth!  Wow.  We had never experienced this with the girls.  Aiden is a teeth grinder, though, so I believe his teeth were “loose”, but he didn’t know it because they were so stinkin’ short.  Crazy.  Gross.  Anyway, this was the same time we were regularly going to the oral surgeon for Adeline and he offered to pull Aiden’s bottom 2 teeth that day.  Aiden wouldn’t have it as he had had no time for mental preparation.  The oral surgeon did a panoramic x-ray (“free” with purchase-Adeline’s mouth work) and said we should really work on getting the baby teeth out and that he would do it at next week’s check up if we hadn’t done it by then.  The race was on because Aiden decided he wanted to be the one to do it, not the Dr.  He would ask me to wiggle his teeth because, like I said earlier, they were so short.  There was hardly enough tooth to get any leverage.  In the end Chris said we would all have ice cream right then if Aiden would let Chris pull them out.  There was some coaxing and tears, but finally the tooth was out followed by ice cream after bed time for everyone.  Within a few days we were able to get #2 out as well.  Aiden was quite proud.

Love those freckles!

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