I knew I was overdue in posting, and then realized it had been so long that I didn’t even know which of my 100 passwords to choose.  Reset to the rescue!  I figured I should put something fresh here as the blog link was referenced on our Christmas card.  Here’s a mini update:(It has been quite awhile since Chris & I attended a formal event.  This photo was taken right before we attended the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with our dear friends & neighbors, Daniel & Maryn.  Daniel is in the Marine Corps and we got the treat of being their guests that evening!)

We had many adventures in 2010.  We moved locally in the spring, vacationed in FL in the summer, finished up at grad school number one, and started grad school number two in the fall.  However, the biggest change came with Niya, our foster daughter in July.  We didn’t think we would get a baby as we were open to children any age less than Aiden.  God gave us this tiny little girl who has been perfectly suited to our family.  She arrived with one day notice which made for some literal overnight changes.  We love her and she has certainly become an important part of our family.  The big kids adore her and are very eager to hold her, pick out her clothes, and play with her.  Lord willing, we can adopt her in 2011.  That isn’t a sure thing though as her mother would like to get her back (but isn’t stable enough at this time).

Adeline (age 9 ¾ ) would like you to know she played soccer for the first time and even though she only played left defense all season she loved it.  She is now soccer crazy.  Thankfully, her sister and brother are on board too and we have a grassy lawn for them to practice and play sports together right across the street in the outfield of the baseball diamond.

Ellie (age 7 3/4 ) would like you to know that soccer was fun and she made new friends on her team.

Aiden (6 1/2) would like you to know that “we finished the soccer season and it was really fun.   I got to be goalie like two times.”

Chris is excelling at learning the Russian language for the Air Force while continuing to be a supportive husband, father, and foster dad.

I juggle many things and still haven’t figured out the art of running our home perfectly.  Thankfully by we keep “struggling well” as our Florida pastor, Bobby Adams, would say.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 to you!


Chris & Wendy

Adeline, Ellie, Aiden & Niya

Maria (the dog)

Mazzy (the cat)

Moochie & Muffin (the rabbits)

Munchkin & Murray (the guinea pigs)

The 10 Mice who reside (or used to, eek!)

All in an old house in Monterey, CA

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  1. Maryn says:

    This makes me smile.

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