For those interested in the process with baby Niya, here’s the update.

She has been in our home for over 6 months now and continues to have visits with bio mom.  These are scheduled for 2x each week, but in reality, mom makes it to about 1/2 the visits.

The next big step will be on Feb 23rd, the court date.  The judge will either side with the social worker’s recommendation of ceasing reunification efforts, or give bio mom more time to get her life straightened out.

If she rules the latter, then things would continue on much as they have been with Niya in our home and regular visits with her mom.

If the former, visits will gradually taper down as we head down the adoption road.

The social workers recently told us the soonest we could adopt Niya would be August.  That would be if the judge rules in favor of ceasing reunification, AND bio mom does not contest the ruling.

Please pray for God’s best for Niya.  We, of course, think this means ceasing reunification efforts so she can stay with us forever.  Please pray for wisdom as we parent all of our children and have unique dynamics with this little one now part of the mix.  Thank you!

(Cute picture didn’t upload.  Maybe I’ll figure it out later)

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