13 Years

On December 20, 1997, Chris & I were married.  We just celebrated our 13th anniversary!  (I wrote this post a week later and forgot to “post” it.)  My Love planned an anniversary getaway without my knowledge.  We were gone one night while the kids were in good hands with our best neighbor friends.  I was treated to a massage at our froufrou hotel spa while Chris arranged for some yummy dessert treats in our hotel room.  We had dinner at a place just across the street, and an elaborate breakfast buffet at the schmancy restaurant downstairs.  Out our window was the most gorgeous view of the Monterey Bay with sailboats in view.  I love that our anniversary is close to Christmas because there are always beautiful white lights, evergreens, and sparkle making for an extra special atmosphere.  It was fun getting away even though we were close to home.  I love you, Christopher J. Bergstrom!

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One Response to 13 Years

  1. Debbie says:

    My mom reads your blog since it is listed on the blogs I follow. She commented a few weeks back that she didn’t realize that you got married after you moved to FL and while we were still in Minot. I told her I didn’t remember that news, but maybe I just didn’t realize. Is the date correct? and is the anniversary for the years married or the years together?

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