Court Report

This is a pretty old court report, but I had referred to it in February and then never updated.  I’m bad like that.  Things went in our favor after a few week delay from the mother contesting the findings in February.  However, her reasons were unfounded and then she failed to show up for the rescheduled hearing in March.  That may be confusing, but the bottom line is they are no longer trying for family reunification because birth mom made no progress on her case plan.

Birth mom dropped out of the picture shortly after that in March.  We haven’t seen or heard from her since.  There haven’t been any more visits between her and Niya since she has been out of contact.  I thought the visits would taper down as we neared adoption, but since she went missing it was cold turkey instead.  This came unexpectedly to me as she had been regularly in the picture from July through March.  She missed about 50% of the time, but had always come back eventually until then.

I am sad for her loss and her whole life situation.  However, this makes things more easy on us.  There isn’t weekly drama with the latest development and why we will or won’t have a visit, etc.  It is sad that she didn’t use the resources they gave her while they were available to make a change in her life.  Those resources may still be there through this or that agency, but not as easily accessible as they were while trying to “win” or “work” back her daughter.  She probably felt defeated and just gave up once they ruled that the possibility of reunification was over.  It is sad since she could have continued visiting Niya at least through the fall.

I’d be dishonest though if I didn’t repeat how it simplifies our weekly routine.  We were constantly waiting for a phone call to see if the visit was on or off that morning.  On visit days always waiting to see if it would be plan A or plan B.  (Plan A if the visit goes as scheduled or Plan B if she doesn’t call and it gets cancelled.)  So many people to connect with and make sure nobody got the call from birth mom.  “Oh, that person isn’t calling by 9 a.m.  I better call to make sure.  She didn’t answer.  Maybe this person knows.”  It was very time consuming.

The next court date is June 22.  It is scheduled to terminate her (& his) parental rights.  Also, to name us as the people pursuing the adoption.  That is nothing new to us, but not all foster parents are adoptive parents so it is the next formal piece in the puzzle.  Things are progressing in our favor and as mentioned previously, adoption could be finalized as early as the fall.

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