A lot can happen in four months and that is precisely why I’m never quite sure where to pick up again after such a long while away from the blog.  It is also why I delayed starting a blog for so many years in the first place!  However, I always go back to how much I enjoy seeing my friends update their pages.  I love seeing how the kids are growing even though we don’t get to talk in real life as much as we did when we lived right around the corner.  Obviously this blog isn’t as much for the friends next door, but the ones we wish were right next door.

Have you ever been blessed with an excellent neighbor?  I hope so.  I know I have.  You know the one.  The kids play together.  You need an egg.  She needs some milk.  You know their daily schedule and highlights on the calendar because it ebbs and flows with your own.  You call them first with news or a quick question.  An exercise partner.  A lawnmower borrower.  A blessing, no doubt.  We have neighbor friends like that now.  It has been about a year since it all began and will characterize the way we remember this assignment.  I have friends like that from each place we’ve lived.  They aren’t always immediate neighbors, but it is icing on the cake when they are.  Treasures from Heaven.  Dear friends.  I hope you have that too.

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