Something New…

As you know, we have been a home school family for forever. . . until today.  The kids went to school in a school building, with other students, wearing uniforms, and having new teachers for the first time.

They didn’t notice the tears in my eyes as I kissed them good-bye and whispered last minute reminders in each child’s ear.  They were too excited about their new surroundings to think of how sad mom might be to send all three of them off on the same day.  Nobody wanted me to take a picture of them in the new classroom.  Boo.

Upon coming home without them, I had a sad, empty feeling inside.  Niya was asking about Adeline for much of the morning.  She missed them too.  We got along okay and a walk with my neighbor friend helped me feel less teary.  Before I knew it, it was time for lunch and the baby’s nap.  I managed to tidy up a bit and had a quick phone chat with another friend.  Suddenly the time was over and it was back upstairs to get Niya so we could go get the big kids.  Back to the school we went.  At 10 trips to the school per week, surely I’ll be able to do the 6+ minute drive in my sleep before long.

The after school report was very energetic.  Each had lots to tell and was pleased with the first day.  They unanimously want to go back and agree that it is going to be a great year!

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