Shutterfly, Shutterfly, Happy All Day!

Did you ever hear that Barney song: “Butterfly, butterfly, fly, fly away.  Butterfly, butterfly, happy all day.” I think you really could make many people Happy All Day with Shutterfly cards, books, and other photo gifts.  I was just looking at some of their items. 

Being a military spouse, the Fleece Photo Blanket struck me as a good gift for children who have a parent on deployment.  I wonder which of my kids would get the blanket?  Maybe we would have to rotate each night!  Do you think Chris would want one with a picture of the kids and I?

Can you believe November is half way over already?  That means it is my Momma’s birthday, and that much closer until Chris’ return in December.  Yippee!  It goes without saying, but with December comes Christmas and with Christmas comes cards.  I’m not normally “on it” when it comes to Christmas cards, but this year, OH YEAH.  I feel like the little planner because we actually thought ahead enough to have our family photo done in SEPTEMBER before Chris left.  I know.  Very un-Wendy.  Now, I probably won’t have these in the mail the first few days of December like some of you manage to do, but I still feel like I’m moving in the right direction. 

Have you checked out the assortment of Christmas photo cards from Shutterfly lately?  They have no shortage of options, and very customizeable too.  I love how you can adjust the photo size, text, and even colors.  The variety of styles and layouts is practically endless!  The hardest part will definitely be deciding which one to choose.  Thankfully they have a handy refine option to help narrow it down.  For example:

What dimensions would you like?  Flat or folded?  Color?  Number of photos?  Photo paper or card stock?  Economy or a bit more special?

I just discovered Shutterfly’s thank you card assortment as well.  I am glad I did!  What a fun way for the kids to write their birthday and Christmas thank you notes on their own personalized stationary.  These aren’t limited to having the words “thank you” on the card so they could be versatile for corresponding with friends, etc.  The wheels are churning for Christmas gift ideas.  One Auntie has already asked what the kids want for Christmas.  In my ideal world gifts are practical as well as useful and personalized stuff is always a hit!

I don’t know how long this coupon will last, but I saw a 40% off code on the website.  Use it while you can!  CARD40

***While I am receiving Shutterfly credit for this post, all opinions are my own and I do love Shutterfly!***
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2 Responses to Shutterfly, Shutterfly, Happy All Day!

  1. Chris says:

    You should do freelance work for Shutterfly, and other businesses!!

  2. lr says:

    We love ordering their coffee mugs for family.

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