Other Cuties

Self-portrait.  I love this little face.

Is that a smug, pleased look?  I’m cracking up!

Possibly another self-portrait.  They are getting older and taking liberties with my camera.

Ellie made treats.  She enjoys being in the kitchen with me the most.  She’s also the most dramatic, shown here.

Earthbound Organic in Carmel.  Too bad the corn maze got ruined in a rainstorm.  The pumpkins were plentiful though.  So many kinds and I love the pumpkin etching!

Carmel River State Beach.  It was a picture perfect day to remember.  The kids could have played all day, but we didn’t bring enough sun protection.

We made a sort of lean-to for a shady spot.  It was better than nothing.

The kids go through phases of getting great joy out of surprising me with breakfast on Saturday mornings.  They will get Niya out of bed and feed her a banana or Cheerios and take on baking something.  Most recently it has been German pancakes.  They look the recipe up on allrecipes.com and then carry out the whole project, unassisted.  Oven, mixer, etc.  Yes, the kitchen is a disaster afterwards, but just look at those little tea light candles on the table.  They didn’t forget the eggs, blueberries, or bananas either.  They are a bit humble and don’t want the picture, but I insist.

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One Response to Other Cuties

  1. lr says:

    Their eyes are so beautiful, Wendy. It is as if every time I see one of you I am stopped in my tracks.
    I loved seeing how cute the kids looked in their sun protecting swimsuits. I am glad that we now have more options for sun protection and modesty as well these days.
    Please share more about your helpful children! I love those stories. They are such an encouragement during these baby years.

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