Niya Beth

Our little Niya Beth.  She loves shoes of all sorts, with a special affinity for flip-flops.

She loves all the big kids and they love her too, but Ellie loves her in a special way.  Ellie reads to Niya, hugs Niya, and puts Niya to bed just because she wants to.

I was previously not supposed to post pictures of Niya on blogs, Facebook, etc.  However, now that her biological mother and father’s parental rights are terminated, we got the green light.  Here’s to adoption, which is currently scheduled for Dec 28, 2011!

She is a true cutie pie.

Birthday ballerina

Niya, how old are you?  “Two.” (She can’t quite fold the thumb down yet.)

Standing next to the picture of herself the night two nervous strangers came to the women’s shelter to take her to their house.  That was 14 1/2 months ago at the time of this photo (now 16 1/2 months ago).  She was 9 months old and a very tiny 13 pounds.  Now she is “average” on the growth chart.  In this case, average makes us happy.  I think she is happy too.

Fake smile.



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2 Responses to Niya Beth

  1. Кристофер Бэргстром says:

    Очень хороший блог-пост!!

  2. lr says:

    Congratulations on being able to share pictures of your sweetie! She is adorable!

    Love seeing the “fake smile.”

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