It’s Useless

It would be useless for me to try catch up. That is most of the reason I don’t update often. Where to begin when so much has happened since December? Instead of trying, I will say I am starting a new chapter.

I would like to chronicle our next adventure of moving to Kiev, Ukraine. It is only 40 days away from becoming a reality and although we are still in CA, the adventure started months ago when we found out that we would, indeed, be moving to the other side of the world for the next assignment. We have worked long hours in preparation already. Although we have a few moves under our belt, moving internationally takes the cake for logistics. Wow! I couldn’t have imagined how different the preparations would be. I thought the language barrier would be my main concern. It will, I’m sure, once we arrive, but for now I can mostly just think about buying ahead all the things I’m told aren’t readily available, sorting, donating, and storing stuff.

You see, they find it more cost effective to keep a furniture pool in Kiev than to ship our stuff half way around the world. So, our furniture goes into storage and we get to “shop”(?) through a warehouse for the desired items to borrow for two years. Er, uh, something like that. I don’t really know how it works just yet. They do let us ship personal items. We have one larger shipment which goes by sea. This load has already begun it’s journey. A week and a half ago we said farewell to many dishes, clothes, books, and more. We should reunite in Kiev, sometime in June.

The next load to Kiev will go by air. This will be the rest of the daily items we choose to send at the end of May when we are done living in this house. More clothing, kitchen, etc. Everything else (furniture and hundreds of books, etc) gets stored in CA for two years. Our van will also make the journey apart from us on a ship. It will probably be July or August before she arrives.

Diplomatic passports are in the works. After that comes Visas. Shipping a cat and dog will be a whole other thing. The key here is temperature! As long as it isn’t 85 degrees or greater, the pets will be allowed. Well, actually the dog. It may not matter what the temperature is for the cat in the cabin with us.

My house is trashed as I work through sorting these shipments. My, how stuff holds us down. I would like to do better than just storing it all and returning to it in two years. I would like to lighten our load permanently, and not fill it up with new stuff. That would make my husband very happy.

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2 Responses to It’s Useless

  1. Linda says:

    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family as you embark on this new adventure…
    Linda Seiffer

  2. Tracey says:

    Wow, big move Wendy. Very exciting, but I’m sure lots of hard work to make it happen. Thanks for the update. Best wishes to you and your family. (We adore our friends from Moldova. Neat people)! Keep us posted!

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