And So it Begins or Bits of Randomness

And so it begins…well, actually it began months ago, but this is the fun part. Maybe. Not yet really. Anyway, it is our first night in the hotel so progress has been made. Tomorrow the air shipment and the consumables shipment will be packed and loaded at our house. The move to Kiev is rolling.

We welcomed Chris home from four weeks of job training in Ohio last Friday. “Welcome home! The house is in utter chaos and we are moving into the hotel in just three nights. What, it doesn’t even look like we are moving yet?” There was and is still lots to do, but bit by bit, things are coming together. A kind neighbor watched Niya for a few hours this morning so Chris and I could plow through without Niya undoing our progress.

Over the past few days we managed to pack suitcases which include school uniforms for the last two weeks of school, camp essentials (The kids head off to camp a short while after we arrive in Kiev, so since we don’t know exactly when our shipments will arrive, we are playing better safe than sorry.), plus everything else we may need for an undetermined period of time (until we are assigned a house, and our air and sea shipments arrive in Kiev). Don’t let that simple sentence fool you. This is a daunting task.

We squeezed in an orthodontist appointment for Ellie today. She will be giddy with excitement to bite into something sticky on Thursday, after her braces are removed. Just. In. The. Nick. Of. Time before our departure. Our orthodontist is just wonderful. He is coming in on his day off to remove her braces so her retainers can be made and delivered in time. He didn’t want to remove any teeth if he could help it. Today he said we wouldn’t have to. He is so thoughtful. I see him sitting there pondering each situation instead of just treating them as numbers. Thank you, Dr. Cassady!

Tonight I learned that I will be promptly purchasing a sound machine for the purpose of this extended hotel stay. It took Niya about two hours to fall asleep in this new, and very loud place. The doors are loud and she can hear us all hiding out in the next room, waiting for her to fall asleep.

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