Moving Progress

We survived three days of packers and movers this week. Tuesday was definitely the most stressful. I wouldn’t want to repeat it. It was the day of the air shipment and the consumables shipment to Kiev. There were a few issues which wasted time and momentum for the crew, none of it being their fault, but more “the system” and lack of clear communication. This added irritation and multiple phone calls. In the end, all was resolved and none of the things we wanted shipped to Kiev were left behind.

We got the kids back to the hotel nearly at bed time and then it was time to start homework. It was a late night. Thankfully my brilliant husband found a free sound machine app (for niya) since it was too busy of a day to go purchase a sound machine. This was a win-win discovery since I didn’t have to purchase a contraption and it won’t take up space in our already large pile of stuff being transported to the other side of the world.

I journeyed back to the house once the kids were in bed to ready ourselves for the next day. More separating and organizing. Piles for this and that. Stuff I don’t want in storage for two years. Give away. Return to this person, etc. I probably arrived back to the hotel around midnight. It was painful to be up and at ’em the next morning, knowing the kids had to be at school on time and I had to endure two more days of movers.

Sooo, two more days of packing and loading followed. These were the storage shipment items. Everything NOT going to Kiev which will be stored in California. It includes nearly all of our furniture, the majority of our books (hundreds), bikes and most other garage stuff, and lots of other stuff that we probably don’t really need since it will be in storage for two years. Mission accomplished! I begin seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on day two.

We are all adjusting to hotel living. This is the seventh night so far. There are many to go. This is primarily due to the fact that we thought we would be flying out on June second. Therefore, we paid rent at the house through May, scheduled the movers, and left plenty of time to clean the house without being stressed and rushed for time. The landlord rented the house and the people are eagerly waiting to move in, and the movers schedule filled in. We would have messed the whole thing up by trying to reschedule it over for a few extra nights at home. So in the end, we will exit town peacefully and well prepared…ready to be done with hotel living!

There is a baby sized kitchen sink with no counter to speak of. The faucet is too long for the tiny sink so it makes what little space there is even more inaccessible. Thankfully there is a microwave and apartment sized refrigerator. Needless to say, our meals are looking very different than having a real kitchen. All is well though. We are thankful for this cozy little spot, meals out, and hospitable friends!

Oh, Maria Dog Bergstrom is still living in our empty house since the rent is paid. She is very excited about the trip to Kiev and being locked up in a crate for a good long while on the plane. Of course, she has to pass a rigorous exam and extensive paperwork process before being allowed to board the international flight. Mazzy Cat Bergstrom is also still living at the empty house. We are looking for a new home for her. It doesn’t seem right to fly the old girl to the other side of the world (which isn’t cheap or simple) just to lock her up in a fifth floor apartment for two years. She is used to long naps in the sunlight, roaming the neighborhood freely, and coming and going as she pleases.

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  1. LR says:

    Such an adventure, Wendy. I hope the sound app is working wonders!

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