The big kids are away at camp this week. Chris dropped them off at the carpool place on Monday morning. Niya and I had to say good-bye from the house. We pray for good teaching, and good companionship. Some of the kids will likely attend their new school. They had already met four, prior to camp, but only one who will be at camp too. They were excited beyond words. I think it is good for them to get out and have some fun, meet others, and not running around playing hide-and-seek in the apartment more than they have to.

We left Monterey less than a week after school finished so with the summer ahead of us, we will explore our new surroundings together. It is a great season to move and get settled, poke around, and adjust before being constrained by strict bed times, and homework. I have heard there is a firefighting museum, a toy museum, a miniatures museum, circus training grounds, and much more.

We can’t send the kids outside to play in the yard since we live on a fifth floor apartment in the midst of a crowded city. Life will look different. We will walk more, which is a good thing. We will go to the park more, which I tolerate. We need to bring Maria on outings like that, when possible, since she has needs too. Either Chris or I stroll around the park, as her nose leads, while the kids play on the playground. Thankfully, the parks are within reasonable walking distance, but too far for them to go alone.

Also, the weather is warm, as one would expect of June, but living in Monterey for nearly three years means we forgot what that feels like. No, my jeans and light jacket daily uniform isn’t suitable here. Chris isn’t enjoying dressing up and being uncomfortable before getting to work. We have seen lots of skin from the locals. The weather accommodates it and they embrace short shirts, dresses, shorts. The shirts are barely there too. Despite the lack of material, they like to dress us up. I feel sloppy in comparison with my Teva flip flops and jeans I cut off because I didn’t bring shorts! They wear heels almost as a rule. Heels and shorts? Yes! Outfits which I would consider “dressing up” is their standard for walking the dog, sitting in the park, etc.. Of course, being downtown, many of them are headed to and from work in this nicer area. I wonder how that compares to the outer parts of the city.

I can’t upload pictures from the camera to the iPad, but here’s a picture of Niya with a nasty chin because she hasn’t learned how to walk in the house yet.


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2 Responses to Summer

  1. Jolyn Myers says:

    So fun to read these updates! As I read your post, I was reminded of the Eastern Europeans I have befriended over the years. One was married to an American and stationed with him in Italy, and she was so puzzled at the reactions from her new American girlfriends who thought she was always so “dressed up.” As she explained, “I don’t even own a pair of shoes that doesn’t have heels!” It’s definitely a cultural fashion; Eastern European women simply don’t go out in public without being dressed to the nines.

    So glad everyone seems to be settling in so quickly!

  2. Betsy Diehl says:

    This is so true about the dressing up. Our former pastor’s wife was from the Ukraine and I remember when they visited that they talked about that. It’s great to see your posts and hear how things are going.

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