The shipment is coming!

Our household shipments are coming…in July! July 2nd if all goes as planned. That is just five days away, or three weeks and three days since arriving in Kiev. Not bad, considering most people wait months. However, it couldn’t come soon enough for me. I am anticipating some modern conveniences like hangers. And dishes!



Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful for the six plates and bowls that got us this far, but the cabinet usually looks like this since I don’t wash dishes after each meal. We load them into the dishwasher which means that has been more like the cabinet. Then I wash as needed a few hours later for lunch or dinner, etc. The cups seem to remain since we have water bottles, but they have been known to be used as bowls too.

As for hangers, there were a few in each closet when we arrived, but that doesn’t do a whole lot for a family of six. This is where my clothes have been “hanging” as I donated my hangers to Chris who actually has to dress up each day (suit or shirt and tie, etc.)

It will be fun to unpack things we haven’t seen since mid-April, although we can obviously live just fine without them. I have been thinking about that during this empty household period of time. Will it make me more ready to purge stuff?

Adeline wasn’t as excited As Ellie and I were about the shipment. She said she likes living out of a suitcase. Her father’s daughter for sure! Chris always dreams about living a simple life in an RV with very few possessions.

Ellie is excited to get her stuffed animals and room things. Aiden is sleeping and Niya wasn’t willing to comment.

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