Yum and yippee!


It’s true! It arrived, as expected. Well, all except one mystery cube, 10 cubic feet. Hopefully that one will catch up later. In the mean time it is like “Christmas in July” today. I had forgotten that some of the dry goods went in this load so it was a great surprise to pull out cereals, PEANUT BUTTER, maple syrup, almonds, BBQ sauce, Mac and cheese, raisins and more! I am glad we had nearly four weeks of finding groceries the local way, but now I know I am thankful for the additional dry goods coming our way, in the coming months. I couldn’t have known in California that these conveniences would bring shouts of glee.



Although it looks like an unrecognizable disaster zone now that we opened the boxes up, it is cozier in here already. Oh yeah.

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3 Responses to Yum and yippee!

  1. Maryn Good says:

    Wonderful! Have fun unloading!

  2. Daniel says:

    Fantastic! Also, Niya looks so grown up in that photo. Look, she’s as tall as Ellie! : )

  3. LR says:

    A double yay for peanut butter!

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