Happy Mamma

Adeline made a new friend(s) at summer camp. So did Ellie and Aiden for that matter, but this post is about Adeline. She had been somewhat bugging/hounding me to let a friendly girl come over to play. It took us until today to finally make the invite. Prior to this, we had things on the calendar, shipments to unpack, oh, and my least favorite… kids arguing amongst themselves. Especially for the last reason, I told them they had to work harder to get along amongst themselves before we had any friends over. It was more like part of a lecture about their cruelness to one another, which ended in, “and as soon as a friend comes over you would act all sweet and nice to THEM. How ’bout acting sweet and nice to your brother/sister first?!”

Well, back to the Happy Momma title. My kids haven’t had a marked improvement in their interactions with one another, but today I said “yes” when Adeline asked for her friend to come over again. Nice girl was available on short notice. And now Can you believe the FOUR of them are playing sweetly as can be together?

I don’t claim to know how long it will last, but when I was a bratty big sister and my friends came over to play, I wanted my little sisters to “Stay out!” “Go away!” and to “Stop bothering us!” Basically, we are bigger and cooler than you little kids, was the message. For any of you who didn’t know me back then, I was never cool. I wonder why my parents keep letting me have friends over? Why was I such a grouch of a big sister? I digress.

So here we have the 7th grade girl/guest, and the Bergstrom kids grades 6th, 4th, and 3rd. She doesn’t seem bothered a bit, and I am thankful to say Adeline hasn’t even raised an eyebrow. So far they have made cookies, played cards, and are currently playing soccer together. Wow. Maybe we should have friends over more often…?

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One Response to Happy Mamma

  1. Valerie Fedor says:

    Awwww…..I think I was the same as U when I was a kid….I knew my grandkids were special(!)..thanks to their parents, etc. I think part of it may be their homeschooling history…we (I) observed grades as boundries at school; maybe we’d cross the boundry by 1grade only when out of school setting. Church/sunday school/catechism class/Calvinettes (like scouting)…all observed the age/grade barrier (in my mind, anyway.) Your homeschooling socializations (in the previous yrs.) fascinated me, because I didn’t hear the age/grade comments when you talked about some other child–although I’ve often had you clarify to me where some other child fit in those spaces I’ve been used to. Sometimes, even now, I’m amused in my current places of life, how those boundries aren’t there, as I try to place other peo. in my mind,anyway, in those spots: (like: “4 grades behind/or ahead” of me–silly, huh?) Anyway, enjoyed YOUR story of those Bergstrom Kids!!!

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